Learning Experience of Tough Cases Dissertation Proposal

My dissertation is tentatively titled "Learning Experience of Tough Cases." Think of tough cases as really challenging seminars based on actual problems experts say helped them become experts. Many people that have worked with me might have experienced something close in seminars and decision games I have run. The first three chapters of the dissertation are:

1-what the problem is and why it is important (practical problem, purpose, research question)

2-what is known in research literature about the topics related to my study (there must be a research gap or the dissertation is not an original contribution to scholarly knowledge)

3-how I propose to understand the tough case experience for participants (qualitative study alert for the positivist out there) -> (research design)

Abstract: Large numbers of workers will be retiring in the next decade, leaving significant experience and expert knowledge gaps in many organizations. One of the most significant workforce challenges in the future will be training less-experienced workers quickly to become experts. [there is more, but I have redacted it to protect my idea]

I removed the dissertation proposal and one-page summary from the website to protect my idea from doctoral students searching the internet for ideas (they do exist). If I know you and you would like to see the one page summary, I will send it to you. Just leave a comment on the blog or send me an email via the link in the right-hand margin.

I plan to provide updates on my progress from time to time.