Groton, CT and Providence, RI July 2011

Pam and I attended the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Groton, CT change of command 15 July. Darlene Grasdock relieved Les Elkin.

Pam and I flew to Providence Thursday morning and toured Newport, Rhode Island all afternoon. The only time Pam had ever been to Newport was for my Prospective Commanding Officer School in February 2008. For those of you familiar with Newport, you know that winter is not the best time to appreciate what it has to offer. Pam figured that out very quickly from the snow blowing sideways onto her face. This time, the weather was much better (low 90s, very sunny). We stayed later than I had originally planned so we could eat at Perro Salado ("salty dog" for those that do not speak Spanish), a trendy, upscale Mexican restaurant where we dined on Valentine's Day 2008. We drove to Groton, CT after dinner, arriving about 2000.

Friday, we attended the change of command at the Submarine Museum in Groton (right outside the New London submarine base, don't ask me why it is called that when it is actually located in Groton). After quickly paying our respects to CDR Grasdock after the ceremony (Pam was aghast that I cut to the front of the line to do so, but we had other plans for later), I took Pam to Mystic, CT for lunch at Zhang's and ice cream at the Mystic Draw-Bridge ice cream parlor. For dinner, I took Pam to Captain Scott's Lobster Dock on the waterfront in New London (very popular place, we had to wait in line for nearly an hour to order from the window). Of course, I had a lobster roll.

Saturday, we drove to Providence, drove around town (surprisingly not crowded, unlike Newport), visited the Roger Williams National Memorial, and took a guided tour of the John Brown (not the civil war abolitionist) house before going to the airport to fly back home.