Useful Tool: Web Clipping Software (Ubernote)

BLUF: Web clipping software enhances your productivity by making it easy to capture and organize web content and links in one location accessible on the web.

Web clipping is defined in the free online encyclopedia as:

(1) Extracting a smaller amount of text and graphic elements from a Web page in order to display effectively on a handheld Web appliance. Web clipping often uses a predefined form, or template, into which the extracted data are placed.

(2) An excerpt of information taken from the Web

Web clipping programs enable you can select, clip, and organize information from web sites in a single online location that's accessible from any computer without having to leave your browser window. I used to use Google Notebook, but Google stopped supporting it in January. It is still functional, but closed to new users. There are several useful alternatives, including Ubernote, Evernote, Clipmarks, and Zoho Notebook.

Why useful

The sharing features found in most web clipping software allow you to share your notes with others. You can publish certain notebooks as public so anyone (including search engine bots) can read your web clips like a regular web page. Alternatively, you can invite friends or family members to work together on a particular notebook. This is a nice option if you want to do some collaborative research for a group project or an upcoming vacation.

I used to leave web pages or tabs open on several different computers for days because I lacked a simple way to take note of the content or URL and access it later. I often encounter material on web sites that I would like to post later to my blogs and Ubernote makes that very easy..

What I use

I use Ubernote, but I did not do an exhaustive comparison of other tools. UberNote is a knowledge management tool enabling you to quickly organize and store your content online from anywhere. Easily access your notes, clip web content, bookmark, and add notes with the browser toolbar (available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE)). I have added to UberClip and UberMark tools to the IE links bar of my work computer, which makes it really easy to highlight text and save it to Ubernote or save the link to Ubernote, respectively. Ubernote organizes notes by tags so you can quickly restrict what you are viewing to a particular tag. You can email notes to a special address you are assigned by Ubernote. For now, the web site cannot be accessed by mobile devices like Blackberries.


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