Mentoring Update Form and Checklist

From time to time, people ask me if I have any tools that might be useful in conjunction with mentoring opportunities. In fact, I do. I have adapted a form used by the ED community that can serve as a checklist of things to discuss and one of my proteges gave me a form that he obtained from one of John C. Maxwell's books.

The checklist is a handy reminder of topics that could be covered, depending on the protege's interests. It includes a review of:

  1. Current Career Planner

    1. PRD desires - prioritized

    2. Suggestions on who else to talk to

    3. Advice on where to go next - need knowledge of positions opening

    4. Some discussion on skills that are needed in future jobs and how to go about gaining them

    5. Recommendations for PRD adjustment if applicable

  2. Current Job – perception of performance (protege's and his chain of command)

  3. Family issues (spouse's career, children, schools, etc.)

  4. Individual Augmentation possibilities

  5. Review of Fitness reports, if desired – should be strongly encouraged before selection board

    1. Recommendation for letter to board if warranted (use caution here)

  6. Status of or strategies for qualifications, if applicable

    1. EDQP

    2. ED Dolphin

    3. DAWIA Acquisition workforce membership as well as certifications

  7. Significant discussion prior to 20 year retirement window on viability for 0-6.

  8. Involvement in Professional Societies – Professional Development/Diversity

  9. Read any good books lately, professional or personal reading list

  10. Thoughts about current ED or Navy issues.

The protege update form is just one way a protege can present a list of the topics he/she wants to discuss. You will note that the form assumes there are regular meetings (I always suggest monthly as the minimum) between the mentor and the protege.

What I learned the last time we talked:

What I have applied and learned since the last time:

What do you think? (Did I get it right, if not what parts?)

Here is what else I have been working on:

If time permits, here are some new topics/questions I have.







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