Link to Recommended "Best Business Books of 2010"

I subscribe to an email newsletter, Strategy and Business ("S+B" for short) produced by Booz and Company. Near the end of last year, they produced some recommendations for "Best Business Books of 2010. I am not personally recommending any of the books, but I did like the fact that the articles at the links below give very detailed summaries along with the recommendations. I did not want to keep this information to myself so I am sharing it here.

Best Business Books 2010: Innovation

Innovation as a Social Act

Best Business Books 2010: Leadership

Highlights in a Low Year

Best Business Books 2010: s+b’s Top Shelf

Best Business Books 2010: The Economy

The Fog of Panic

Best Business Books 2010: China

Probing China’s Infrastructure

Best Business Books 2010

Best Business Books 2010: Human Capital

Talent Redefined

Family Matters

Marshall Goldsmith, author of Mojo, introduces a passage on the difficulties of balancing work and family, from You Can’t Predict a Hero, by Joseph J. Grano Jr.

Skill - Improve Your Understanding of Human Error (Part 2)

Mentoring Update Form and Checklist