Lessons Learned from the Loss of the USS THRESHER Patient Safety Presentation

I made a presentation at the 3rd Annual Patient Safety and Quality Conference in St Louis, MO. The title of my presentation was"Lessons from the Loss of THRESHER: High Reliability for Patient Safety" that was very well-received. It focused on some of the high reliability practices the Navy uses in submarine maintenance and how they can be adapted to improve safety in other contexts, like Patient Safety. I really enjoyed this opportunity and was treated exceptionally well by the conference organizers and participants. The presentatiion is available here. I have put the speaker's notes in a separate file (they are also embedded on the slides), which is available here. I have also posted a collection of research articles I encountered recently related to medical care and high realiability organizing here, which might be of interest to conference attendees wishing to do more research on their own.