Space-A Travel Conference Notes

I attended the Space-Available travel conference organized by Dirk Peppard ( in Jacksonville FL 17-19 May. The blog post is a brief summary and provides a link to my detailed notes. The conference is in Jacksonville every other year. There is a cruise on the opposite years. Dirk and his team did a wonderful job of sponsoring the conference. I am really appreciative of all they do (for no pay!).

I studied Dirk's website and John D's extensively in 2011 as I was preparing to take my family on a hop to Europe. I also took many hops when I was younger and the basic process of Space-A travel is the same except for the sign-up process. The notes provide links to websites that have all the necessary information, but it is a bit of a maze/puzzle collecting it all, taking notes, and taking it all in so that is where my notes might come in handy for newcomers. They are available here.