Achieving Confidence in Fleet Readiness by Generating a Quality Culture

Greg Thomas and I co-authored the subject paper for the 2012 Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium. The paper draws on our experience with nuclear and non-nuclear maintenance in the public and private sectors, and shipboard experiences as Reactor Officer and Repair Officer.

From the abstract: "The paper identifies the necessary characteristics, roles, and responsibilities of leadership to ensure the organization’s work model is understood, balanced, and effective and provides practical guidelines to enable an organization to measure and achieve progress towards developing a quality culture." Included in the paper are tools, e.g., checklists, to operationalize the concepts presented. The paper is <here>, the presentation is <here>, and the speaker notes are <here>.

As you develop your guiding prniciples for leadership and management, Greg and I encourage you to collaborate with your peers and document and present your perspective on what it takes to build and sustain a Quality Culture. The opportunities for presentation are many, including ASNE, SNAME, Americian Society of Engineering Management (ASEM) or a blog like this (publishing is better). Do let us know what you think of the paper by providing comments here.

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