It has been a busy year for us. The pace of life-changing events has not slowed since our retirement from Navy active duty in 2011. Between between caring for Ralph’s parents, significant life milestones, moving two households to Albuquerque, trips, and volunteer massage therapy, it has been a busy year. We elected to put our Christmas letter on our website because we are just too busy to send Christmas cards.
It's been a rapidly changing past two years for us, and we regret the lack of opportunities to connect with our friends as much as we would have liked last year.  Major events for us were Beau graduating from High School in June, and Ralph retiring from his 29-year career in the Navy in November.
Pam is over halfway through her radiation therapy and continues to do well. She has less than two weeks to go, ending on 21 November. She has now entered the “boost” phase where the radiation dose is significantly increased in just the area of the tumor. I officially retired 1 November and Pamela arranged a very nice celebration with close friends to commemorate the occasion. My job search is over and I have chosen a position with a company seeking to sell ship repair and modernization (remodeling) program management and software tools to the Navy. Beau’s latest routine is complaining to anyone who will listen about being forcibly taken to Europe by his tyrannical parents. If you are pressed for time, you don't have to read any further.
Pam is doing well. She started her radiation therapy 5 October. My job search continues well and I keep getting calls and emails from people that want to feed me lunch and offer me jobs. I will probably decide in the next few days. Beau is surviving the ordeal of being cut off from his friends, regular access to the internet, and the games on his computer, but he is not happy about it. If you are pressed for time, you don't have to read any further.
Here’s our year at a glance (there is a link to pictures): Beau turned 16 in February. Ralph and Pam are very proud of Bryan for graduating and of Beau for working so hard in high school. Trips and special events: Pam’s friend Janay came to visit from Nevada. We connected with Pam’s brother Rich. We took a vacation to Cato, NY to visit friends Sherryl and Jon, stopping to tour the Gettysburg battlefield on the way. Ralph and his brothers helped his parents, Joan and Lyle, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Pam's mother Betty passed away; she is greatly missed, but Pam and her sisters are even closer now. Ralph and his team delivered two aircraft carriers with Newport News, CVNs 77 and 70. He still plays soccer on Sundays. All our love to you and wishes for a great holiday and a wonderful new year!