Ralph and Pamela Plans Post-Retirement (subject to revision)

I retire in August (the 12th at 1000 at Vista Point, at the Norfolk Naval Station. I can provide invitations to those interested in attending if you did not receive an email notification from me already. Post-Navy, I am seeking a senior Engineering position in either the commercial power generation industry or at NAVSEA supporting carriers, but I am looking at other possibilities as well. I have applied to the George Washington University Human Organizational Learning program to work toward an EdD at their Ashburn VA campus, one weekend a month for about 3-4 years.

I have some good job leads and am working applications now for 2 jobs with the government. I am not sure when they would start, my preference is Jan 2012. Our stuff gets moved into long-term storage in Aug. We depart shortly after, depending on free military flights, on a Eurail trip of Europe with our son Beau (6-8 weeks, 6 countries, Spain, France, England, Germany, Denmark, Norway). Pam plans on attending a massage conference in Portland 17-22 Oct after we return. 

I have to come back to formally retire 1 Nov in person. From 1 Nov - 31 Dec, we may visit friends and relatives in the west. We would also like to try to take another military flight to Hawaii and Australia before 1 Jan. This is "off season" for military flights, but a good time to go to Oz since it will be summer there. 

After 1 Jan, if I get one of the jobs mentioned above, we will need a place to stay in the DC area while looking for a place to rent (hotel is fine). If those jobs vaporize, I am not sure what my job hunting base will be. 

If required to start working by 1 Oct, then we will shorten our Eurail trip and come back earlier. Pam and I are actively planning our Eurail trip and I will post more details as we do. Our current plan is to visit Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Caen, Normandy/Bayeux, London, Bath, Cardiff/South Wales, Hamburg, Strasburg, Oslo, Andalsnes, Dombas, Trondheim, and 
Ramstein/Kaiserslautern/Ramstein Village, depending on how much time we have and how much time it takes to travel between cities. We will need a five country pass (Spain, France, England, Germany, Denmark, and Norway, yes, that is six). 

Post-Retirement Trip on Hold

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