Retirement and Plans

My retirement ceremony was 1000 on 12 August. RDML Tom Moore, a shipmate from Enterprise RCOH, was my guest speaker and did a great job of "roasting" me (mostly with the storied I gave him). I had a great time and really appreciated all the people that were able to attend. I received many nice emails from people that were not able attend. I put the text of my remarks onto my iPad and used it as I actually delivered it. I was not really trying to be a high tech show off, it just seemed easier to do that than to print the speech. The ceremony went by so fast that it was hard to enjoy it, but most big events in your life are like that (high school and college graduation, wedding, vacations to Ireland, births of children, their graduation, etc.).

I have posted my remarks here. I inserted pictures for the slides I intended to show during the speech to illustrate some of my points. I have posted RDML Moore's remarks here. I placed the pictures here. I did not post the schedule of events (called a 5060 in Navy parlance)  on this web site, but I can provide a copy to anyone that wants it. I created a blog post here that provides my lessons learned on ceremony planning and the retirement process.

I am in job search mode. This is a little different than what our plan had been (we were going to take an extended vacation to Europe) because Pamela's condition requires her to go through the surgery and radiation treatment until the middle of November. We still have to move out of our house because new renters want to move in the first full week of September. Our stuff will be packed 30, 31 Aug and picked up for what the government calls Non-Temporary Storage 1 September. We have a short term housing arrangement, staying at the house of some friends who spend their summers out of town, until Pam starts radiation therapy. When she is doing her daily trips to the radiation source, she wants to be located closer to the treatment center than our friends' house is so we will have to come up with a new plan (perhaps a hotel with weekly rates). Since we are going to be staying in this area longer than I thought, I might try to get some part time work. At this point, I have no firm offers so I am listening to anyone that wants to talk to me about jobs. 

Longer term, I will probably be seeking work in the Washington, DC area. I have applied for an Ed.D. program (Human Organizatonal Learning, HOL) with the George Washington University in executive education delivery format (one Saturday a month starting next May) so I would want to be located a short drive or one stop flight from Dulles, near where the classes will be taught (Ashburn Virginia Science and Technology campus). I have a three-hour interview next month where I get to ask current students questions about the program, I lead a group discussion about an issue related to HOL, a 30 minute individual interview and a 30 minute writing sample (I guess the GRE was not enough).

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