Post-Retirement Trip on Hold

We are putting our Eurail trip on hold. Pamela was diagnosed 5 August with breast cancer, stage "0" (non-invasive), Ductal (as opposed to Ductile) Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) in one of her breasts. For those not familiar with the term, this means the cancer is at a very early stage, is confined to a local area so only minor surgery is required, and probably will not require chemotherapy. DCIS is considered fully curable. 

Pam will be assigned a medical "Project Team," with the Surgical Oncologist being the rough equivalent of the Project Superintendent. She has a Nurse Practitioner as her Project Engineering and Planning Manager (the Chief Appointment Scheduler works for her and set up all the tests today leading up to the surgery), and the Radiation Oncologist might be considered the Chief Test Engineer.  I have not found an equivalent for the Naval Reactors Representative, but the NAVSEA rep is me.

The standard treatment regimen is day surgery ("lumpectomy," in and out the same day), thirty day recovery, followed by thirty-forty days of radiation. We hope to have the surgery this month so that the radiation is complete 1 November, the day of my actual retirement. Depending on how Pam feels, we might do some limited travel after that. Our near term focus is not on travel but on her treatment plan, of course. God was certainly looking out for her to find out so soon before it has had time to progress at a time when I can devote myself fully to supporting her. I will provide periodic updates as we get more tests done and meets with specialists.

Retirement and Plans

Ralph and Pamela Plans Post-Retirement (subject to revision)